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Functional Points for Teaching Students Having Learning Disorder (Reading, Writing and Spelling Disorders) (12607 Downloads)
Learning Disorder diagnostic criteria in the revised intelligence standard and Wechsler's Children (10334 Downloads)
Hyperactivity: Proper Methods of Interaction with Hyperactive Children (8852 Downloads)
Inclusive Education: Existing and Interesting Situation (7728 Downloads)
The Effect of the Co-operative Learning Method in the Academic Progress of Mentally Retarded Students (7573 Downloads)
Some Solutions for Identifying and Treatment of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Children (7438 Downloads)
Dictation Writing Language Persian system (6978 Downloads)
Social Skills Teaching to students with special needs in Inclusive education (6794 Downloads)
The Analysis of interaction among parents, teachers, regular students and slow learners and its correlation with the academic drop of slow learners in regular schools (6743 Downloads)
Theoretical and Applicable Approaches in Anxiety Disorders in Children (6308 Downloads)
General Health and Quality of Life of Mothers with Autism child (6171 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Perceptual-Motor games on Visual –Spatial Processing in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (6120 Downloads)
Relationship between Emotion Regulation Strategies and Emotional Intelligence with Social Phobia in the Blind and deaf Students (5734 Downloads)
Annual Research Review: The nature and classification of reading disorders – a commentary on proposals for DSM-5 (5667 Downloads)
From Mainstreaming to Inclusive Education: A Transition in the Educational System (5527 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Play Therapy on Reforming the Social Maladjustment of Female Students with Intellectual Disabilities (5417 Downloads)
Specific Methods of Assessment and Teaching Social Skills in Children with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (5319 Downloads)
Family and Child with Special Needs (clarification of the pre and post natal role) (5317 Downloads)
Exceptional Children and Their Mothers' challenges (5240 Downloads)
The Analysis of Important and Effective Teratogen on the Growth of Embryo (5070 Downloads)
Identification and Treatment of Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Schools (5011 Downloads)
The Role of Mothers' Parenting Style on Prediction of Behavior Problems in Preschool Children with Intellectual Disability (4930 Downloads)
The Effect of E-learning Content (Multimedia Training) on Learning Science on Deaf Students' Girl in Sixth Grade (4808 Downloads)
Predicting job satisfaction based on self-efficacy beliefs, teachers' sense of efficacy, job stress and Hierarchy of needs in exceptional children's teachers at lorestan province (4648 Downloads)
A Glance over the confrontational Disorder, Conduct Disorder and Anti-Social Behavior (4637 Downloads)
The Comparison between Marital Satisfaction, Emotional Stress Cognitive Social Support in Parents Having Mentally-Impaired Children and Parents Having Normal Children (4465 Downloads)
The Effects of Teaching via Computer Games on the Performance of Visual Memory for the Dyslexic Students (4271 Downloads)
The study of the components of neuroticism among parents of autistic children, mental retarded and normal in the city of Tabriz. (4254 Downloads)
The comparison of self-esteem and social skills in deaf and blind students at the intermediate level in the city of Karaj (4199 Downloads)
The comparative analysis between the life style and stress-coping style with the occupational burn-out in the board of education’s exceptional and normal teachers in the city of Birjand (4192 Downloads)
To Investigate The Effect Of predicting Resiliency and Social support In General Mental Health In Parents Of deaf And Blind Children (4165 Downloads)
Assessment and Treatment of Children and Adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (4142 Downloads)
Effects of Cognitive-behavioral Anger Management on Adolescents with Conduct Disorder (3986 Downloads)
Comparing problem solving style and marital adjustment in exceptional and normal children mothers (3962 Downloads)
An Introduction to the Role of Play-Therapy in Children Suffering from Psychological Problems (3925 Downloads)
The Role of Art-Therapy in Academic, Social and Emotional treatment of Students suffering from Learning Disorder (3857 Downloads)
The Concurrent validity of the new version of the Tehran-Stanford-Binet ‎Intelligence Scale with the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised (3763 Downloads)
Image Function in Special Education ‎ (3710 Downloads)
Consideration of Needed Skills for Job Preparation of Students with Intellectual Disability (3605 Downloads)
The Comparison between Parenting Styles and General Health in Parent who had Deaf or Mentally-Retarded Children (3537 Downloads)
The Relationship between Locus of Control Internal- External and Job Stress with Job Satisfaction of Teachers and Staff in Special Schools, City of Iranshahr (3534 Downloads)
The Role of Motion Games, Art and Music in Reducing Behavioral Problems in Children with Learning Disabilities (3452 Downloads)
Physical Fitness in Connection with and Health in Mentally Retarded Students (3371 Downloads)
Comparing the Mental Health in Mothers of Children with and without Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (3344 Downloads)
Motor proficiency in children with and without attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (3294 Downloads)
Educational Application of Multi-media Technology for improving Social Skills: Autistic Students (3261 Downloads)
The Effect of Native and Local Games on the Students' Visual/Motional Growth among mental retarded students in Pre-School and Elementary First-Graders in the city of Shiraz (3230 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Training Walker's Skills via Cognitive –Behavioral method on Increasing Social Skills of Aggressive Students (3217 Downloads)
Motor Problems in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Therapeutic Strategies (3173 Downloads)
An introduction to designing educational-computer games with the linguistics approach in the area of disorders especially in learning (3139 Downloads)
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